Time is Money

As the familiar saying “Time is Money” implies, time and money are interdependent.   If one’s time actually is money, then time is an incredibly valuable commodity.  Benjamin Franklin is often attributed for the quote and considering our time here is finite, suggested it was better to do things as quickly as possible in both business … Continue reading Time is Money

Need a “Lyft”?

In the age of a rapidly expanding on-demand economy, technology companies are fulfilling consumer demand through immediate access to goods and services. Potentially reducing the need for organized business transactions, this model uses a technological platform or “app” accessed via a mobile phone to conveniently connect with business services, food delivery, and home services with … Continue reading Need a “Lyft”?

Independence Day

On Monday, July 4th, 2016, America celebrated its 240th year since the 13 colonies claimed independence from England. Across the country, many celebrated this historic event with picnics, beach getaways, fireworks, and maybe the Boston Pops in honor of “Sweet Land of Liberty”. Although this modern day celebration has only been an official federal holiday … Continue reading Independence Day