Joanne Stallman has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy from the University of Notre Dame. Her career experience includes accounting, finance and sales roles for IBM. In the accounting department, she worked with the FASB on how changes to accounting principles would affect IBM’s financial statements and reporting requirements. Additionally, she consulted with IBM Business Units on proper accounting for various complicated transactions and helped prepare IBM’s quarterly and annual financial statements. During this time, Joanne earned her Certified Managerial Accounting accreditation. As a financial planner, she worked with a business unit leader to forecast business volume and profits, as well as analyzing and reporting results through the leadership at IBM. In her last role, Joanne maintained a client relationship with Wal-Mart as part of the Retail Services group for IBM, focused primarily on helping Wal-Mart with its best-in- class in-store retail hardware and software. After a hiatus while her children were very young, Joanne returned to the workforce with Randolph Business Resources. She has a passion for small to medium business and loves how those businesses are an engine for growth and opportunity in the local community. She understands that business owners need the freedom to focus on their products and services, and loves being the helpful hand that makes the accounting work easy and understandable. Joanne and her husband, Bob, have three busy daughters at three different stages ranging from elementary to high school. They are all active and you are likely to catch them cheering on their children at an aquatic center or gymnastics gym. Even more often, you will catch Joanne working out herself, running the trails of Brentwood or in the gym at Irontribe Cool Springs.