3 Apps to help you track your expenses and pay your bills on time

Now that you have your business activities handled by a professional Chief Financial Officer from Randolph Business Resources, you can focus on running and growing your business. Below are some apps that will help you easily keep track of expenses you need to know about.

Pocket Expense

This app is free and tracks your spending by accounts, giving you a visual representation on your spending before you create a budget. If you prefer not to sync to your bank accounts, this is a great app for you. Downside is you do have to enter the transactions manually. Pocket Expense will color code your expenses and allows you to combine all your accounts for a broad overview of your financial status.


This app is also free and offers both smartphone and web interfaces. “Smartscan” lets you photograph, categorize, and tag receipts. You can even add them to expense reports if necessary. This app is great for anyone who needs to save receipts but doesn’t want to hold on to the paper copies. Just enter the merchant name, total amount spent and date, and throw that paper receipt away.

If you are a free lance worker, you can also use this app to track your mileage, and time. Just turn on location and use the app’s GPS to log your miles. And use “track time” to keep up with the hours you work and send the invoice to your client, right from your phone.

Bill Tracker

This handy app helps you keep up with how much your bills are, when they are due and whether or not your payment is automated.

All of these apps help you run your business from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, and allow for easy communications with your Chief Financial Officer.