Mickey Randolph, bookkeeping, outsourced, accountingIn 2009, Mickey Randolph started Randolph Business Resources as an affordable option for small to medium-sized companies that either couldn’t afford or didn’t need a full-time accounting staff. The RBR team is passionate about helping companies grow by taking care of their accounting needs so that business owners have more time to focus on growing their companies. Everyone at Randolph Business Resources strives to help business owners understand that their financial statements are more than just black ink on white paper. They specialize in financial reporting, daily bookkeeping and payroll services.

A Passionate and Talented Financial Team

The RBR team now includes over 40+ incredible talented professionals who support their clients from one hour a month to several days a week. Mickey did not realize that when he stepped out to start his own business that in fact he was creating a platform that provides his team the same amazing opportunity to have great work/life balance.

Randolph Business Resources team and client base continues to explode because of the servant hearts that work for RBR. Mickey ensures they are set up for success which in turn enables his team to pay it forward and provide great care to the business owners.

The RBR team makes the difference in so many businesses and people’s lives that so often we hear as a company, Mickey and his team saved our businesses, helped us achieve the continued success we have. We are the extension to a business that helps ensure our clients move forward and stay on track.