Can your company benefit from a Systems Analyst, or a Business Analyst?

The term “Systems Analyst” is commonly interchanged Business Resources understands the benefits both positions afford a company, and offers both services to their clients.

Systems Analysts use a company’s IT system to achieve strategic business goals. Typically, the Systems Analyst consults with management to determine the needs of the company, and then designs a system to best meet those goals. They may purchase or create new software to expedite production and affect outcomes for the company. With years of experience in construction, real estate development, manufacturing, education and non-profits, Mickey and his team understand which systems offer the best solutions for individual situations and industries, and are able to advise their clients accordingly.

A Business Analyst position requires a better understanding of the complexities of the business as a whole and advises management on a broader range of topics including telecommunications, healthcare issues, benefits, and more. Their focus is on identifying opportunities to improve all the business’s processes, ultimately affecting the bottom line. They look for inefficiencies, recommend changes that may or may not be technology based, and act as the liaison between company management and the teams. This allows the Business Analyst to present solutions and recommend changes in an objective manner that does not appear to be a negative reflection on prior work by the team.

Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to focus with close attention to detail are required in both positions. Rely on Randolph Business Resources to provide the support you need in both technology systems and business systems. Their expertise will improve your processes and contribute greater profit to the bottom line.