Costly Data Entry Mistakes to Avoid



When people are sitting for hours typing in numbers, they can easily transpose numbers or input the wrong data. Wrong data can lead to serious problems. Make your data entry process easier, and you’ll have fewer mistakes.

Transcription errors
People make mistakes when they are typing fast. They hit the wrong key and don’t notice. They might also enter the same information twice. This can also happen when using optical character recognition (OCR) programs, if there are errors on the paper, or the ink is smudged and can’t be read properly.

Transposition Errors
This is a remarkably common mistake when people are typing in numbers. Instead of putting in 2467, they might put in 2476 or something similar. Someone who is typing quickly and inputting many numbers is going to eventually make these kinds of mistakes.

You will never be able to eliminate these kind of errors, but you can reduce the amount of mistakes. Having someone else proofread or double check the work is absolutely invaluable. It’s always easier to catch other people’s mistakes than our own. It’s why publishing companies have proofreaders. Even the best people start to miss their own mistakes after staring at a computer screen for a long time.

Sending invoices or ordering supplies with the wrong amounts can be costly. Incorrect statistics can ruin research. There are many things that can go wrong if errors are made in your data management system. Data entry in healthcare is extremely critical; a single keystroke could cause an error of epic proportions. Electronic health records are also under a lot of scrutiny. A data entry mistake could be life threatening when it involves patient care.

Whatever form of data your company manages is important to your business. With the move from paper to electronic content management, there is more data that needs to be transferred. It’s worth implementing a system of checks and balances and using innovative solutions to make your data entry easier and less prone to errors. Outsourcing data entry to experts such as Randolph Business Resources can also reduce data entry mistakes, saving you time, money, and headaches.