Decking the Halls in 2020

accounting, outsourcing, end of year, financial statements, Nashville, Randolph Business ResourcesDeck the halls with boughs of holly, FA-LA-LA-LA -LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!   ‘Tis the Season to be jolly, FA-LA-LA-LA -LA-LA-LA-LA-LA! As this familiar song goes, the holiday season is in full force and the end of the 19th year of the 21st century is fast approaching.  With many holiday traditions and celebrations happening during this time of year, the holiday hustle and bustle will quickly take us into the next decade on January 1, 2020.   The start of a new decade may be the perfect time to plan for and achieve big personal and professional goals!

Training for a marathon?  Buying a new home? Opening or expanding your business?  All these things have one thing in common – each requires a plan.   A training plan to run 26.2 miles is essential, even for established runners.  Planning and good market analysis are crucial when buying a home to ensure maximum return on the investment.  Timely accounting records and accurate record keeping are vital to any successful business plan. Randolph Business Resources may not be running a marathon for you, but we can help your business run more smoothly.  

For starters, where are you with your year-to-date profit and loss statements?  How do they compare to this time last year? What can your business do now to save on taxes for 2019 or plan for 2020?  Randolph Business Resources provides monthly budgeting and forecasting services along with reconciliation services to small and medium size businesses.  From estimating constant and fluctuating revenue, to helping with establishing varying annual budgets for companies with aggressive growth plans, our experienced staff will come to your offices and work with you to generate an annual budget of revenues and expenses, with a projection for year-end profit or loss.  

A solid business plan functions like a road-map for how to run and grow your business.   If starting a new business or expanding a product line in 2020, businesses need to show financial stability.  If the business is already established- income statements, balances sheets, and cash Randolph Business Resources, business budgeting, accounting, bookkeeping, Decemberflow statements provide a financial outlook and potential projections. Randolph Business Resources provides accurate and timely financial statements which are an important aspect of all medium to small sized businesses with lenders or growth plans that may include investors.  We calculate and produce many financial statements on an on-going basis, tailored to the needs of each individual client, including cash flow statements, balance sheets, and income statements. With Randolph Business Resources, you always get a full explanation of the numbers and an interpretation of the information to help guide future financial decisions; thus, giving the business owner peace of mind, and more time to do what he or she does best – run the company! 

As the end of the decade approaches, we would like to send a special thank you to all our current and future clients, staff, and business partners.  Together, we can focus on what we want to finish, achieve, and accomplish to finish 2019 and start 2020 strong. Together we celebrate the milestones, scope out next years goals, and open doors to more positive impact!


Deck the halls in 2020, FA-LA-LA-LA -LA-LA-LA-LA-LA! 

‘Tis the Season to be jolly, FA-LA-LA-LA -LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!

Fast away the old year passes, FA-LA-LA-LA -LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!

Hail the New Year lads and lasses, FA-LA-LA-LA -LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!


From all of us at Randolph Business Resources, Happy Holidays!  See you next year!


By Susan Amsler

December 18, 2019


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