Meet Kimberleigh Archer


Staff Accountant Kimberleigh Archer brings much more than good math to the team at Randolph Business Resources. With a Bachelor’s of Science from David Lipscomb University and a Master’s from Western Carolina University, Kimberleigh spent much of her career as an educator and transitioned a few years ago.

Her passion for teaching and making sure people understand a topic serves her clients well as she takes the extra time to really learn about the business and looks at her clients with a holistic approach. While analyzing numbers, she may come up with an idea that can help in the operations or marketing sectors of the business and she is not shy about speaking up and making recommendations to help the clients. As a result, her clients adore her.

Kimberleigh owned a small business with her husband so she has first hand experience with the needs and challenges of running a business and is extremely skilled in the details. She expects every line item to balance and every transaction to be reported correctly. Writing narrative to explain the work comes naturally to her and helps her clients see both the big and small picture.

Kimberleigh has been working for Mickey for just over a year now, and enjoys spending time with her baby boy, husband and 4-legged child, Buddy. Travel is a passion of theirs and they love spending time outdoors.