Paper filing solutions for CPA’s

Historically, companies have been instructed to hold on to all kinds of paper documentation regarding how the business is run, particularly for support and back up should an audit occur. As a result, most companies end up with rooms full of paper files, many which will not be needed and could be discarded. It is important to know which documents need to be kept in the building, and increasingly, which documents can be kept in the cloud and paper copies disposed of.

With a multitude of online solutions, if you can store your information digitally, you should. Today there are online services available that automatically grab your online bills, statements and other documents from more than 400 vendors and make them available in one secure location. You can choose to store your files in their cloud filing cabinet, or use your own file-hosting site such as Evernote or Dropbox. The program can analyze each document and tag it based on content, creating a consistent and reliable filing system.

A key benefit to using a service like this is that each company can decide how long they want to keep their documents. Having a consistent method of analyzing and labeling your documents makes the CPA’s job much easier, whether they are preparing year-end reports, or answering questions raised in an audit. Automating the time-consuming, manual process of collecting financial documents from clients is a complete win-win for both the company and the CPA. It provides a significant time-savings, which translates to money saved.

Contact Randolph Business Resources today and let Mickey help you set up a digital filing system to reduce storage needs, paper handling, and the costs associated with that.