Small Business Owner, Big Business Mindset

Successful business people are no accident. There is no foolproof strategy for entrepreneurial greatness. Not everyone is born with the motivation to change their economic future. But what if you have what it takes to be a successful leader and the ambition to skip the convention and start your own business? A shot to seize the dream, everything you ever wanted. Would you capture it or let it slip?

– The accomplishment of an aim or purpose
– The attainment of popularity or profit
– A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity

Regardless of your definition of success, there are a number of common characteristics that appear unanimous with successful business leaders. Small business owners and corporate giants alike share the following checklist of attributes commonly found amongst the majority of successful entrepreneurs.

A carefully crafted vision statement is the cornerstone of every successful business. Vision is an inspiration, a view of the future, and is connected to the strategy used to get there. Vision is not the end result or roadmap for guaranteed future success, but rather the eyes and heart to seize an opportunity. Opportunity is everywhere and effective business leaders clearly define a vision and communicate the dream in such a way that a purpose can be defined. Not to be confused with the company’s mission statement that serves as a guide for day-to-day operations, visions provide a sense of direction for the long-term organizational path. Having a compelling vision statement and articulating it is one of the hallmarks of all strong business leaders.

Sometimes quality, hard work, and dedication are not always enough to succeed. Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from setbacks and come back stronger. Some of the attributes that make someone resilient are a positive attitude, optimism, and the flexibility to redirect and continue moving forward. In the competitive society of entrepreneurship, the benefits of failure are commonly stacked with an impressive list of accomplishments. Successful leaders adapt and change in the face of adversity by staying true to their vision, displaying professionalism and dignity, and inspiring others when times get tough during difficult times. Some of the leading entrepreneurs in history have failed, sometimes repeatedly, but all have soldiered on with the common thread of resiliency.

Following your passion is the best way to guarantee success? Not so fast. Following your passion can sometimes lead to mistakes, business blunders, and empty offices, but passion is vital to success as an entrepreneur. Passion is the difference between producing results you don’t care about or producing result that bring you purpose and a positive impact in the lives of people. Passion keeps business leaders going when times get tough, stocks turn down, and things get tight. Where there is none, the energy runs out before long before milestones materialize. Passion fuels the fire in a small business that generates confidence from customers and employees alike. Where there is passion, there is energy and motivation to go the extra mile.

– Susan Amsler
– July 10, 2017

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