Katie is a dynamic and versatile entrepreneur who has cultivated a diverse professional background. Originally from Denver, Colorado, she embarked on her career in the realm of accounting and online marketing. Her expertise in financial management led her to specialize in accounting for thoroughbred racehorses during her time in Toronto, Ontario. In 2019, Katie made a bold move to Nashville, Tennessee. There, she took the entrepreneurial leap and successfully opened a medical spa in the charming town of Mt. Juliet. In her most recent role, she showcased her adaptability by excelling as an office manager for one of Nashville’s fastest growing sign companies.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Katie remains deeply engaged in her community and is an active supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. She also supports animal welfare causes and organizations. In her spare time, Katie enjoys spending quality moments with her beloved pets.

The opportunity to work with the Randolph Business Resources team to achieve a better work-life balance and further develop her accounting skills aligns perfectly with her goals and aspirations. She looks forward to contributing her expertise, as well as growing both personally and professionally, within a supportive and progressive environment.