Kim Clement has over 30 years of accounting experience. Beginning in high school, she worked as a daily bookkeeper at a parts store in a small community, peaking her interest in the accounting field. After graduating high school, Kim assimilated herself in a variety of managerial accounting roles. Although Kim acted as a key participant in the implementation of an accounting system for a casino, accounting manager of a pistachio processing plant, and managed accounts for disabled adults, to working at a dairy farm, being a wife and a mother is her most notable and favorite role.

Although Kim and her family immersed themselves within their community and ran a youth basketball program for 18 years, Kim and her husband recently took a leap of faith and moved to Tennessee because of their love for the small town atmosphere and the slow paced farm life. Along with Kim’s love for her family, community and sports, she is looking forward to her new position at Randolph Business Resources and building lasting relationships with co-workers and clients.