It was 1998 in the Arts Mission District of San Francisco where Lola felt the heart of what a bookkeeper does and especially for one little performance art troupe she helped grow into a Non-Profit organization. As an artist, she never expected to find herself head of the financial management team for a small business at twenty-two. Surprisingly, she found a certain satisfaction and felt empowered “doing the numbers”.

She realized that, “Understanding where a company stands financially daily is an art in itself.”
And so, she started Rogue Consulting for the outsider-misfit who needed a healthy perspective of having their act together.

“Bookkeeping is a driving force as well as a gateway to answers for businesses. This resource can provide clarity and a feeling of security during growth.” This was her philosophy then and still is twenty-five years later and has shared this with a diverse clientele such as restauranteurs, café owners, techs, consultants, publishers and advertisers, filmmakers, illustrators, authors, performers and contractors in construction and landscaping. In 2012, she opened her own retail café and wellness company that ran until 2019.

Today, she’s excited to work with Randolph Business Resources and continue to share her experience. “To work with a company who prioritizes God and family first inspires me to live a good life. To be with people who value my time, theirs and our clients and that are true professionals with integrity is a blessing to wake up to in the morning and bring out into the world and the people we work with in business. I’m happy to be a part of Randolph Business Resources team.”

She lives in Nashville with her husband, daughter, son, two cats and dog that has fun with and lives to nurture a spiritual, creative, love and inspiration to grow in her family. She covets nourishing food, friends, family and community gatherings full of music, laughter and fellowship.