The ever increasingly efficient look of Today’s CFO

The stereotypical Chief Financial Officer is often thought of as a recluse who stays in his office covered with paper and calculations. Today’s CFO operates completely differently, thanks to the mobile applications that have freed up time and energy for the top financial official in any company.

Here is a list of 4 popular apps today’s CFO should be using:

1. Online banking.

Easily the most convenient time-saver for a CFO is online banking, particularly for multi-unit operations. Instead of writing checks to transfer deposits to the central fund, today’s CFO can pull out a smartphone, access the banking app and transfer money immediately. And take pictures of checks to make deposits, instead of making a trip to the bank.

2. Dropbox.

Dropbox is a popular file-sharing program, making files easily accessible in a controlled manner. If someone needs to see a particular file, that link can be shared, without granting access to all the files stores in the program. With the mobile application, a CFO can grant access to needed files from anywhere, to anyone.

3. Tripit.

This is a great app for executives that travel often. The app organizes trip details, let’s users book restaurant and hotel reservations and provides directions. Along with TripIt, many executives use Concur, a program that tracks business expenses. When paying an expense, such as lunch with a client, simply snap a picture of the receipt, assign an expense code and done. When the credit card statement comes in, the expenses are organized by category and by trip, and the company automatically gets copies of receipts for expense report reimbursements.

4. EchoSign.

This fairly new Adobe product is an incredible time and expense saver. People no longer have to sign documents in person, but can use the app to send, sign, track, manage and access documents from their mobile device. Learning new technology is never fun but these apps are worth the effort to master. The time and money savings they offer executives alone has a high value to the overall operation of any company.